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English-Thai Dialogues - A

A (15) B (5) C (18) D (29) E (2) F (1) G (4) H (29) I (20) J (3) L (1) M (10) N (2) P (1) S (3) T (12) W (56) Y (36)
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A brandy? (dialogue)
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Alex and Mac are going to Ann’s house (Dialogue)
Americans at work in Bangkok (Dialogue)
And where is the dining car please? (dialogue)
Are there two seats available? (dialogue)
Are you allergic to anything? (dialogue)
Are you alone here? (dialogue)
Are you here for the first time? (dialogue)
Are you hungry? (Dialogue)
Are you working tomorrow? (dialogue)
At noon you are going to eat. What time will you return?
At the hotel (Dialogue)
At the language school (dialogue)
At the restaurant (Dialogue)