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4 weeks 2 days ago
He doesn’t drink tea.

ye no yam chai.

4 weeks 2 days ago
She is a doctor.

ye si dava ja.

4 weeks 2 days ago
I am from India.

mi ze Barti.

4 weeks 2 days ago
What is your name?

tu be nam ke?

4 weeks 2 days ago

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Croatian language started

I am very pleased to announce the introduction of the Croatian language to Lingopolo!

You can click on the Croatian flag on the Lingopolo home page https://lingopolo.org/

Croatian flag on Lingopolo home page

You can also jump direct to the Croatian home page https://lingopolo.org/croatian/

Croatian home page

At the moment we only have 50 entries (45 words and 5 phrases), but we expect that to grow of course.

Croatian statistics

For the latest statistics, see the Croatian statistics page.