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Home page flags or table view switch

Submitted by admin on 26 August 2023

If you look at the Lingopolo home page https://lingopolo.org/ you might have noticed that there are some new buttons. These give you the ability to view the languages in two ways.

Here is the flag view of the languages:

language flags view

Below is the table view of the languages, which shows the main statistics about how many entries (words, phrases, dialogues) we currently have for each language:

language table

Hopefully it is obvious how to switch between the two views. Look for the two buttons on the top-right. The button on the left gives the flag view, the button on the right gives the table view:

view switcher

Note too that the columns are sortable. By default we sort alphabetically by language name. However, you can sort by any column, such as the Total number of entries:

table sorted by total

A special thanks to Ajay, our software developer, for doing such a great job of implementing this very nice feature.