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Ukraine war pauses Lingopolo development

Submitted by admin on 19 March 2022

The software development of Lingopolo is currently all done by the amazingly-skillful Alex. Unfortunately, Alex is based in...Ukraine. As you will know,  the war against Ukraine started on 24th February, and, understandably, the last day that Alex was regularly working on Lingopolo development was 23rd February. The war in Ukraine has of course been a horrific disaster for the people there. It has also paused development on Lingopolo.

Alex the Lingopolo developer

As for Alex himself, he's ok, he's alive. He lives in north Ukraine, in Chernihiv, just north of the capital Kyiv. The situation there is constantly changing. At times he has had no water, or heating (the weather there is cold, even snowing), no electricity, no mobile connection/internet, with bombing at night. The last news I had from him, is that he again has water, electricity and gas/heating. He's happy he doesn't need to prepare food on fire any more.

Chernihiv, Ukraine

One thing Alex has managed to get working is the setting up of the software for the Ukrainian language. He is rightly proud of being able to achieve that under insanely difficult working conditions. I too am impressed that he has been able to achieve this under the current circumstances, and I am super happy that the Ukrainian language site is now ready to build on.

At the time of writing there is no content on the Ukrainian site, but I hope to start working soon with Ukrainian volunteers to fix that. You can follow the progress on that here: https://lingopolo.org/ukrainian/