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Announcing the addition of the Chinese language

Submitted by admin on 5 July 2024

I'm pleased to announce that we have started to add the Chinese language!

The Chinese home page is https://lingopolo.org/chinese/

Chinese home page

Of course you will find the language listed on the home page https://lingopolo.org/

Lingopolo home page

You can also see Chinese in the table view at https://lingopolo.org/ of the languages  

Lingopolo home table view

Some example entries from the Recent Additions page https://lingopolo.org/chinese/recent-additions below:

Example entries

Chinese-English dictionary:

chinese dictionary

Example of the phrase "The suitcase is red." at https://lingopolo.org/chinese/word/the-suitcase-is-red below:

Example entry "The suitcase is red"

Example of the Animals lesson content https://lingopolo.org/chinese/online-lessons/animals-1/content below:

Animals lesson