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Serious bug with sound files not playing [now fixed] Update 26th March 2024: bug now fixed

I'm extremely pleased to report that this bug now appears to be fixed (at least the problem which was appearing in the Google Chrome browser on Windows now appears fixed).

I noticed today that a major new version of the Google Chrome browser had been released and I immediately noticed that the audio problem was no longer was happening. I have checked with many people and they have all confirmed that the problem is now fixed. Thank you if you were one of those confirming that things are now ok.

I don't know whether the source of the problem was Microsoft Windows (and Google Chrome changed to respond) or whether the problem was directly with Google Chrome. One user reported that when the problem started it was on both Google Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge browser; this implies that the problem was caused by Microsoft Windows. So, if you are using Microsoft Edge and you still have the problem, the you will need to use another browser, such as Google Chrome.

Original bug report: 8th March 2024

We're currently busy trying to solve a serious bug with sound files not always playing. I spotted this happening a few weeks ago, but I hoped it was just a temporary glitch just on my machine. Unfortunately it's not, and it's impacting many users. So, firstly, sorry about this bug, as I understand it's a major problem if you are affected.

Thank you to those of you who have alerted me; everything helps to know what is happening on other people's devices. Here are a few of the bug reports people have sent me:

Lately a glitch. Audio is not present and the audio file hangs in play mode
while the computer tries to play the file. I've cleaned out my cookies and
use two different browsers - Edge and Chrome. Happening on both. Usually
starts ok but hangs after a few questions.

Another user writes:

I was trying to take the quizzes and the audio says playing, but no sound comes out sometimes. I checked my internet connection, speaker is working fine, reload page, and cleared cache/cookies as well, but still does not work. Hope to hear back soon! Thank you!

Another user writes:

just wondering why recently so many lessons won't playback the speech audio for thai. it started happening a few weeks ago.

I think it only happens on Microsoft Windows machines, so, if that is the case, it should be OK on:

  • mobile phones (which are usually running the operating systems Android or iOS)
  • other iOS devices such as iPad

If you want to help, please use the contact form (e.g. https://lingopolo.org/thai/contact or https://lingopolo.org/contact) to send me any information about what device you are using and whether or not the problem exists on this device or not. For example:

  • NOT ok, desktop machine running Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (10.022631) it happens within a few minutes of doing any lesson. This was seen happening on Thai or Dutch language
  • OK, mobile phone, LG V30, running Android 9
  • OK, iPad Pro (iPad OS Version 16.7.5)

Such information can be extremely helpful for making sure we get it fixed properly.

If you only have access to a Microsoft Windows machine, there is a hack which one user has discovered (thank you Blaine for this):

I log in every day and get 3 or 4 questions in before the audio hangs. So, today I go until it hangs, then close the tab, open a new tab and then am able to get 3 or 4 again. Keeps happening like this but I can continue lessons if I close it out after 4 questions and restart the lesson on a new tab

The good news is that the developer, Ajay, is now able to reproduce it, and is working on trying to find a fix.

I will update this page when I have more information.