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Unpublished recordings page

Submitted by admin on 16 December 2014

On the "Editor's Links" menu, you will find a link called "Unpublished recordings":

Unpublished recordings on Editor's Links menu

The page of "Unpublished recordings" is sorted to show the oldest recordings first. In general, these are the ones which should be the focus of current work, trying to get them published. Note that the columns are sortable, so you can, for example, sort by the English title. You can even sort by the "Recording" field, which can be useful to separate any which do not currently have recordings from those which do.

It is important to check this list regularly, to make sure that there are no words which have been finished but have not yet been published.

Unpublished recordings by post date

When you have found one or more rows which you want to publish, you can select the individual row, select all the rows on the page, or even select every single row including those not on the current page. This last option should of course only be used if you are absolutely sure that indeed every unpublished row should be published. 

When you have the row or rows selected which you want, click on "Publish content" and Execute.

Publishing content