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Editor help pages

Submitted by admin on 4 November 2014

Help pages

These are the Lingopolo editor help pages, which are always available at http://lingopolo.org/help/editor-help-pages

These pages are a guide to help you with the content creation and administration on Lingopolo.

Please either bookmark the help pages or make sure you know where to find them on the site.

Editor account

The first thing to do is to create a new account on the particular language version of Lingopolo where you will work, such as http://lingopolo.org/thai and let me know what your userid is so that I can give you editor rights.

Lot's to learn - but relax

These pages should tell you how we do most things on Lingopolo. They are likely to be a bit overwhelming to begin with. But take your time to read through them, and as you start to work, you will gradually learn each part better and better.

There is a lot to remember, and you will likely make many mistakes to begin with, but that's OK. You will continually improve.

Checking each others work

Other content editors are there to help you, and so that you can check each others work. The idea is that everything gets checked by each other.


Finally, don't hesitate to ask them or me any questions you have.

Below and in the left menu you will find a list of the main pages.