Understand spoken language

Miscellaneous tips

Submitted by admin on 16 December 2014

Grammar information

If there is any necessary grammar info, or explanation in the title, make sure that this goes in brackets. Outside the brackets should be only the word(s) that people would actually say.
write "to play (third person plural)" rather than "to play third person plural"
write "excuse (2nd person plural indicative or imperative mode)" rather than "excuse 2nd person plural (indicative or imperative mode)"

Write what is actually said

The English should always be what is going to be said rather than descriptive, 
e.g. soyez is not "to be (2nd person plural imperative mode)", but rather "be (2nd person plural imperative mode)" since "ne soyez pas..." is "don't be..." rather than "don't to be...". It is true that "soyez" is the 2nd person plural imperative of "to be", but what the person would actually say in English is "be".