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Every word, phrase, and dialogue should have a "Learn" button

Submitted by admin on 12 December 2015

Every word, phrase, and dialogue should have a "Learn" button, including every word/phrase in every breakdown. If you see one which doesn't, you should run "Housekeeping" on the page for that word/phrase.

The "Learn" button means that there is a related practice lesson for that word/phrase/dialogue. For info, the practice lesson contents are as follows:

  • for a dialogue, all the phrases in the dialogue (and this will include teaching all the words in those phrases)
  • for a phrase, the contents will be all the words in that phrase (plus all the breakdown items if there are compound words), plus the phrase itself
  • for a word - which of course has no breakdown usually - the practice lesson will be the word, and all the sample phrases which use that word

Therefore, the only time that a practice lesson will not be generated (and hence no "Learn" button), is when a word does not appear in any breakdown at all.

In the example below, notice that one of the words in the breakdown is missing the "Learn" button:

tarte missing "Learn" button

When we go into the "tart" page, we see too that there is no "Learn" button:

tart page without "Learn" button

We then run housekeeping on this word. You will see that all the example phrases (a tart, the tart, some tart) are added to the practice lesson. Notice too that the word gets a whole bunch of extra tabs (Lesson Summary, Lesson Quiz, Lesson Content, Progress, Mastery), corresponding to the practice lesson:

running housekeeping on "tart"

Back on the "View" tab, you will see there is now a "Learn" button. Hooray!

tart with "Learn" button

Back on the "de la tarte" page, you will see that every word in the breakdown, including "tarte" now has a "Learn" button next to it. Yay!

"de la tarte" with all breakdown items having "Learn" button

Summary: if you see a word/phrase without a Learn button, run housekeeping on its page.

Still no learn button?

If you find a word which does not create a Learn button, it probably means that:

  • the word has no examples (e.g. http://lingopolo.com/french/word/architect-feminine has no examples currently)
  • the example phrase(s) where the word occurs are not yet published. When you publish the phrase which uses the word, then you will be able to go back to the word and run Houskeeping and the Learn button should appear.

Lessons for words are based on practising each of the phrases in which the word is used; if the word does not have any example phrases or sentences, then Lingopolo is unable to create a practice lesson! The problem is that there are no example phrases; the solution is therefore to create some sample phrases. Once the word has some example phrases, it will be possible to create a practice lesson, and hence the associated "Learn" button.