Understand spoken language


Really big fan of your website and service... Very helpful!


Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate Lingopolo. I'm a beginner with a Thai partner and a strong interest in languages. I'm finding Thai very challenging but enjoy using Lingopolo very much, primarily on the train on the way to work. I'm an engineer (so like a structured method) but I also have a couple of degrees in teaching, including TESOL, so I'm finding the pedagogical dimension of what you've created to be fascinating.
Great work!

John M

I can't thank you enough as it was your site that got my Thai language skills up to a passable level so quickly. I was frustrated with the other language tutors out there that concentrate on phrases which doesn't help when you don't understand the individual words. Learning first the words and compound words first and then moving on to phrases is the best way to go. Then the longer narratives for putting it all together. Thanks again,

Raymond Dick

Lingopolo is a fantastic language learning website to learn Dutch. The course is based on quiz. It has a vast collection of Dutch vocabulary and phrases. There are 100+ quizzes available here to teach you Dutch. All you have to do is, play the quiz and guess the correct answer by listening to the audio playbacks. Various situation examples and grammar lessons help you with learning Dutch in better way.

List of Freeware

Thank you so much Hugh! I just came across your brilliant website today... Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Lumkes

Met a pretty woman from Sa Kaeo in Thailand. First meeting I realized that she had very little knowledge of the English language and I could not speak Thai at all. For 3 weeks we lived on farm in Sa Kaeo with only people talking Thai. I decided I needed to learn to speak Thai if the relationship should last. Bought a lot of training courses but was not happy. Too difficult to manage and too much work keeping track of progress. When I started using Lingopolo my motivation skyrocketed. For 3 months I have worked with my thai skills for more than 2 hours every day and I never get tired. I focus on learning thai and the system takes care of everything else.

Lingopolo is better than other expensive training courses and it gives me everything I need to learn to understand and speak thai.

Many thanks

Petter Rogstad
Bang Saray Thailand (Stockholm Sweden)

I am really enjoying the website- the interface is great and I'm making good progress compared with various other learning packages I have tried.


I'm an American with a Thai wife in Thailand. I found this site by accident and have found the lessons very useful. At first I wasn't sure about the method but decided to give it a try. I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate in understanding so I find I can "guess" the correct answers 95% of the time. Why I say "guess" is because the native speakers (a very good thing) speak the sentences so very fast and the sound quality (at least on my computer) isn't very good. When I play the individual words from the sentences, they sound clear. But other than that, I think the method is good and I recommend this site to everyone I know that is trying to learn Thai.

John J.

I was introduced to this site from a Thai-Norwegian language group. I have struggled learning Thai since 2004 but I find it hard, from time to time, to keep up the interest. 

I’m also pleased that you not "translate" the Thai by means of transcription to the International Phonetic Alfabet (IPA) , since that does not work for Norwegian words. As mentioned by others, some of the male tutors speak thai very sloppy and fast. Sometimes it is impossible to understand. Especially the word “krap” sounds like “sap” to me. Even when I replay, some of the sentences it is still unclear. Besides that I think Lingopolo will help me a lot on the way of mastering Thai and I will recommend this website to anyone interested in learning Thai.

Svein Leon Pedersen
Bergen Norway

Lingopolo is a great tool helping me to learn Thai. I use it almost daily. Thank you!

Brisbane, Australia

This is a fantastic resource for learning Thai, especially after trying various other systems that basically frustrated me, and wasted my money.

The Spaced Repetition is great, and the site implements well, and the best part of it for me, is that (at least in the early stages) every word or phrase has 4 or more potential answers that are shown. So although I am currently guessing about half the time, of the guesses I do make, I get perhaps 80% correct because I have some basic knowledge of the language. I enjoy and learn from this MUCH MORE than simple "right" or "wrong". The platform also teaches Dutch and French, and I am assuming these languages work out well also. I am also studying MUCH MORE. The last week I have averaged 1.5 hours a day!! Wow is this a change for me!


For me, the biggest challenge with the Thai language is understanding spoken Thai. Lingopolo is the best tool I know to practice just that - understanding Thai words and phrases, and better yet, applying them later in practical conversations with Thais. Also, I would recommend to anybody learning Thai to learn the writing system and the grammar - it gives a much better access to the language.

Cologne, Germany

Great website. I've tried to learn French by going to classes given by a French person and gave up after a while. With this website I could pick up right where I left off, and it somehow it easier to understand since it deconstruct the sentences and phrases whenever I want. I am able to go on my own pace with this, which is perfect for me since I am quite busy during most of my days.

Bugra Arslaner
Tokyo, Japan

In short: Lingopolo is the way to go. As a language lover, I'm always looking for better ways to learn and improve my skills. I read several books about how to best learn languages. Since a year and a half I took up a passion for learning Thai. I had private lessons, used several internet resources and now taking classroom lessons in a nearby Wat (temple). Lingopolo is the perfect addition to the latter. I am not a linguist, but this method is intuitive and for me big fun. With each half an hour spent on Lingopolo I feel I am improving, and the statistics make it proof. Especially in Thai being a tonal language it is vital to have many examples of pronunciation. Exactly what Lingopolo provides. Unbelievable that Lingopolo is completely free.

The Netherlands

I use lingopolo every week, I really enjoy using it, it's very interactive, many thanks.

Anthony Whitehead
Burnley, England

I’m enjoying the site. It has the combination of things I want. Vocabulary, listening, and flash cards. Thanks!


I just wanted to let you know how much I love Lingopolo. I've tried many other apps and websites and nothing is even close to as effective as Lingopolo for me. Yesterday was my first day using the site and I just couldn't stop using it. I studied for 5+ hours and learned more in one day than I've learned for the past month using audio books and flash cards. I can't believe this site is free!! You should definitely charge for it. I just wanted to say thank you. Please never let this site go away!! Thank You.


Thank you! Lingopolo is a wonderful resource, it is really quickly pulling together my long neglected high-school French with my recent self-teaching attempts at verbs and vocab. The system is ingenious and the native speakers with different accents and tones are invaluable for developing listening. As well as the noisy public announcements which simulate those desperate moments when you are trying to work out when your train is leaving! I love that touch.


A wholehearted thank-you for building such an incredible platform for language learning. My partner and I are in complete awe of what you’ve built.


I have been trying to learn Thai through many channels, websites and apps. Lingopolo is the best I have found. They have many different speakers so you can hear different accents, speeds and pronunciations. After guessing or knowing what they said, they move to a page where each word of the previous phrase is broken down. I am Canadian but my Thai wife says that, when I move to Thailand I will become fluent in less that a year because of Lingopolo. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!


Lingopolo is an amazing site. It is the best site for learning Thai that I've used so far. It also makes it fun in my experience, and I am very thankful for the service of everyone who has contributed to making this site.


Dee dee! (Thai)....excellent!.. I was almost won over at the words 'understand spoken Thai'...yes!...that is what we want!...well done...keep with it!

Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin

I have tried many ways to learn Thai language and your website is very well done. The most important thing to learn is to repeat and listen the same words and sentences again and again. Thank you for allowing us to access these resources for free. Best wishes


It's been amazing getting to know your approach. It is very effective and engaging. It is also very far from bored. I am sure I am not in my early days of good learning mood. Your system just come natural and surely will keep me joined for longer. I want to thank you for such accomplishment of yours in benefit to us all.


I have spent a lot of money on trying to learn Thai language. This is the first successful course and it is free. It breaks phrases and words down by sound. It recommends where to go next! I can repeat the sound of a word forever until I get it! Superb Program! So many courses assume too much too soon! With this one I can really go at my own pace! The constant reinforcement is a winner!

Robert Booth

Been leaning Thai for quite a few years now, using various methods...I kind of plateaued recently and then stumbled on this site through a comment on Facebook. It was perfect timing as I could already read Thai (slowly) and already understand lots of words, this enabled me to really get stuck into this site. I think the listening aspect to learning a language is the most important (for me anyway) and for me definitely the best way to remember words and phrases. This site gives me spoken Thai and written Thai and the English translation, brilliant. Don't get me wrong you need to speak what you are learning with someone that also speaks Thai as to keep the balance of hearing and speaking correlated. I have been doing about 30 minutes a day and I will carry on for the foreseeable future. I also love the fact it tracks your progress, that in itself is very motivating. There seems to be endless content on here and is spoken in a very varied fashion which I think is essential, especially with the Thai language. Thanks very much.

Thailand (from England)

I absolutely love lingopolo. It's by far the best, most fun, and most motivating language learning method (software) I've come across in the past decade. Thank you so much for doing this and for your generous spirit!


I've just started using this site and finding it super helpful to support listening to and reading Thai.

Lisa Read
Sheffield, England

Just beginning to learn Thai. This seems to be the best Website I found to learn Thai so far - and it even is free. What I found especially valuable: Learning phrases, not only words, sentences are broken down to words if needed, spaced repetition.

Frank K.

I can’t fully put into words what an amazing resource this website is! It’s extremely helpful, has an amazing amount of content, over 12,000 entries for Thai (which is enough to keep me busy forever.) They’re also constantly updating with new content for Thai and other languages. I’m very happy that it uses only the script and not romanization as well, it’s greatly improved my ability to learn and read Thai script. I love the slow button feature to help understand the pronunciation better and how there’s examples of the vocab in other sentences. The words are easily able to be searched for further study and understanding. The repetition method and lessons are top notch and give a sense of accomplishment by seeing how many lessons, words and sentences you’ve mastered. This is an extraordinary gift to the world and I honestly am eternally grateful to the creator Hugh and other contributors who made this resource a reality. It’s amazing that this is available free to the public and I recommend anyone learning or considering learning a language to devote time to using it, you’ll see why it’s easily my favorite language learning tool that I’ve come across. Even if you just do a few lessons every night before bed, it can take as short as a few minutes to refresh some previous vocab or hours if you choose, so once you’re done refreshing previous material you’ll expand to new vocab to learn, always giving something new to look forward to. I like how there’s a lot of flexibility, even if you only want a short lesson to study, your slight progress will still be saved. A nice feature of the lessons if that it does the sorting and lesson planning for you, which helps a lot with learning words or phrases you found difficult by reminding you until you’re able to recognize them correctly. Usually if I’m going to bed, I’ll do a few lessons for 5-15 minutes and over time I’ve made a huge improvement in my comprehension of the material. Making an account was very easy, and I greatly appreciate how they don’t harass their users for money or spam then either. I also encourage anyone with the means to do so to contribute to the site, I would love for this resource to remain around as long as possible. I am also looking forward to Tagalog someday being added to the roster of languages, that would be amazing as I’m a big fan of this learning method, there’s really nothing else out there like it. I also love that it can be accessed on a website instead of an app, otherwise I wouldn’t have found it or ever tried it. I simply discovered this site by learning Thai using google and it was the most helpful of all the websites I discovered after much searching. I encourage bilingual native speakers of another language to also consider becoming a contributor to this amazing project as it would do the world a lot of good and in my opinion over all a worthwhile endeavor if you’d like to make a positive impact on the world and help others learn as well. I never write testimonials but to me this website is very special and deserving of much more recognition. Something inside me felt compelled to share my experience on here. I want to reassure others, although it may appear too good to be true, this website is indeed real. It’s simply a gift from a truly remarkable and generous creator. Even when compared to other language tools which cost money, I think it’s still the best way out there for learning Thai. Not only is it an incredibly useful resource, it’s even what I’d consider fun to use. No doubt about it, Lingopolo has been a joy for me to use over the past year, enough so that I foresee being a lifelong fan who’ll continue to praise and recommend it to anyone I can. Thank you again for all those who have worked on this outstanding website, you’re amazing! I can’t overstate how grateful I am! Thank you so much and Khob Khun Krap! ขอบคุณครับ

Todd B.

Lingopolo has been such a gem in the rough of the endless non-comprehensive thai study courses. No longer shall we be stuck with the ultimatum of absolute beginner, or incomprehensible native content! I'm loving this site for my thai studies so far. Much more straight forward than Anki with everything laid out for you. Please [give] Lingopolo a solid try and you won't be disappointed.

Russell Blount
California, USA

This site is exactly what I was looking for improving my Thai. The layout is easy to navigate and I like the way you have to complete earlier stages of a topic before unlocking later ones. I find it to be more effective than simply passively listening to a course; as with Lingopolo you’re forced to engage your brain with the multiple choice quizzes making it easier to remember when you’ve made a mistake. In short, it’s great!

James C
Surrey, England