Understand spoken language


Thai alphabet lesson

Submitted by Hugh on 27 January 2013

After six months of learning Thai using only a listening and speaking approach (aural-oral), I decided that it was more and more necessary to learn to read Thai.  My principal aim is still to learn to understand and speak Thai (rather than to read it and write it), but I was beginning to feel frustration sometimes that I could not read some of the material that might help me to understand and speak.  So, this week, I made the decision that I would now make the effort to learn to read Thai.

Thai dialogues also given the Literal breakdown column treatment

Submitted by Hugh on 21 January 2013

In the Index of Thai dialogues I have now added a "Literal breakdown" column, similar to the one I have just added for the index of Thai phrases.  Here the phrases in the breakdown have been arranged in an unordered list for clarity, rather than in a single row.  The adding of the dialogue breakdown makes this index much more easy to use, since it is clear at a glance what each dialogue contains.

Literal breakdown column in dictionary of Thai phrases

Submitted by Hugh on 21 January 2013

I'm pleased to have now added in the Dictionary of Thai phrases a column which shows the literal breakdown on a given phrase.  This was already available when you went into the phrase, but it is a lot more convenient to be able to see it at a glance in the table.  It also helps me to see  more clearly which phrases still need to have the literal breakdown added or finished!