Understand spoken language

Words now with Thai script!

Submitted by Hugh on 30 January 2013

I had resisted having any Thai script on the site; mostly because I wanted to keep the site focussed on the aural-oral approach, but also because I don't yet read Thai, so it wasn't useful for me.  And since I'm the main user of the site, I decided I wanted to focus on other things: quantity of vocabulary and phrases, and functionality of the website itself (i.e. how the website technically interacts with the user).  Well, now I'm learning to read Thai, I decided that the website would be better with the Thai transcription for each word.  So, that's what each word will now have.  I have done the technical changes needed to display the Thai (and have chosen to display in a massive size, since if other learners are like me, they want to see the detail of these funny characters).  Now I just have to go over the hundreds of words already on the site and add the Thai...

The word for chicken with Thai script