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All of our lessons are divided into easy-to-use categories. You can study in whichever way you prefer; by thematic lesson such as colours or animals, by particular parts of speech such as nouns or verbs or even by our complete global collection of vocabulary and phrases. Click on one of the lessons below to get started in learning to understand and speak Dutch!

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Lesson Name Words & Phrases Quiz Learn


Lesson Name Words & Phrases Quiz Learn
"Final Chorus" Practice
"Verse 3 (The Village)" Practice
"Verse 2 (The Village)" Practice
"Chorus (The Village)" Practice
"Verse 1 (The Village)" Practice
"The Village (Wim Sonneveld)" Practice
"All that time (song)" Practice
"Homeschooling in the Netherlands and the United States (Dialogue)" Practice
"The ugly young duckling" Practice
"The Princess and the Pea" Practice
"Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales" Practice
"Word of the Day. (Dialogue)" Practice
"Who works here? (Dialogue)" Practice
"What does John do here? (dialogue)" Practice
"Where does John work? (dialogue)" Practice
"Where does John work? John works in the furniture factory." Practice
"It is cold here. Is the door open?" Practice
"Does your house have a basement? No, but we do have a large attic." Practice
"Is there warm water? No, only cold water." Practice