Understand spoken Dutch


Lesson Name Words & Phrases Quiz Learn
"Piff! Paff! (paragraph)" Practice
"But in the corner (paragraph)" Practice
"“Grandmother!” shouted the little one. (paragraph)" Practice
"A second one was struck against the wall (paragraph)" Practice
"Her little hands were almost completely frozen from cold (paragraph)" Practice
"In a corner formed by two houses (paragraph)" Practice
"The snowflakes covered her long blond hair (paragraph)" Practice
"It was very cold (paragraph)" Practice
"Keep your decency and bow to the old duck..." Practice
"Look, that’s how it is in the world now! (paragraph)" Practice
"The bus stop (dialogue)" Practice
"“It does not want to open; but look at the others: aren’t those the sweetest ducks that you have ever seen in your life? They all look exactly like their father; but that rascal doesn’t even come to visit me.”" Practice
"“No I don’t have them all yet; the biggest egg is still there; how long will it take before it hatches? Now it is almost starting to bore me!” and she sat down on it again." Practice
"“It stretches far beyond the other side of the trees, until the pastor’s garden; but I have never been there. You are all together, right?” she continued and stood up." Practice
"If you will be hard on yourself (Zig Ziglar)" Practice
"Final Chorus" Practice
"Verse 3 (The Village)" Practice
"Verse 2 (The Village)" Practice
"Chorus (The Village)" Practice
"Verse 1 (The Village)" Practice