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the attempt

de poging

11 hours 39 minutes ago
the balcony

het balkon

11 hours 40 minutes ago
the junk

de rommel

11 hours 42 minutes ago
the ravine

de ravijn

11 hours 43 minutes ago
the lie

de leugen

11 hours 45 minutes ago

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Dutch words and phrases go over 10,000

I am pleased to report that the number of Dutch entries (words, phrases, dialogues) has this week gone over the 10,000 mark.

Dutch statistics

This is the first of the languages to do so, and marks an important milestone.

Basically, the more words and phrases which there are included, the better it is for students to be able to go way beyond the beginner levels.

The most up to date statistics can be seen on the Dutch Statistics page.

For the record, here is the current number of entries (words, phrases, dialogues) for each of the languages:

  1. Dutch: 10065
  2. French: 9658
  3. Thai: 9600
  4. Pandunia: 2545
  5. Bengali: 497
  6. Japanese: 64
  7. Hawaiian: 10