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Thai entries now over 10,000

I am pleased to announce the number of entries (words, phrases, dialogues) on the Thai website has now gone over the 10,000 barrier! It was only in December that Dutch broke the 10,000 barrier, and the Dutch site continues to grow and grow.

Here is a screenshot from the Thai statistics today:

Thai statistics

For the latest values, see the Thai statistics page.

What does this mean in practice? Basically the more entries there are, the better it is for practicing.

For the record, here is a list of the progress so far:

One other thing. You see it wasn't overnight that we went from nothing to, shall I say, mastery. If you're a student, my recommendation is just to do the same. Don't worry about how much progress you're making; just keep making progress. Whether you have mastered 10 or 100 or 1,000 entries, if you just keep on keeping on, soon enough you will be fluent!