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We are not made of sugar.

We zijn niet van suiker gemaakt.

13 hours 47 minutes ago


13 hours 47 minutes ago
I knew

ik wist

13 hours 55 minutes ago
I resigned.

Ik heb ontslag genomen.

13 hours 56 minutes ago
I listened carefully to what they said.

Ik luisterde goed naar wat ze zeiden.

13 hours 58 minutes ago

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Ability to see and reset level of words and phrases

I'm pleased to announce that you can now see the level that any word or phrase has reached and you can also reset that level.

You may know from FAQ about levels for the words and phrases that as you get to know words and phrases better (as shown by getting questions right) they are moved to higher and higher levels, and so are gradually asked less and less frequently.

Leitner boxes

This latest improvement means that now you can see the level that any word or phrase has reached. And even better, you can, if you want, reset the level.

Level of word and Reset level

Lingopolo will give you one last chance to change your mind. Remember, this will affect your score!

Reset confirmation

Then you will see that the word or phrase has been reset to the unstarted state.


When doing quizzes, you are likely to notice almost immediately, because a reset word or phrase will soon be selected for revision.

Why would you want to reset the level? Well, if there is a word or phrase that you really want to get a bit of extra practice, then this is a great way to force Lingopolo to do that.