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Prerequisite checking - making sure you know what you need to know

Submitted by Hugh on 21 August 2014

I'm very pleased to introduce prerequisite checking, a way to make sure you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

What this means is that Lingopolo will keep an eye on what words you already know (or, rather, what words you don't yet know), and will make sure they are revised before it lets you go further.

For example, imagine you are doing the "Animals Examples" quiz. Lingopolo is about to ask you one of the sentences, and realises that you don't yet know one of the words. Lingopolo then asks you the word first, before it asks you the sentence. 

You need to revise the following

This is a very important feature, because it finally ties together phrases and words. Previously I noticed that even if I knew a particular set of words very well (e.g. Animals), there were always words which I did not know at all in the sentences. This ensures that this never happens.

Happy study!