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Lingopolo Dutch is born

Submitted by Hugh on 23 August 2014

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Dutch to the Lingopolo family, joining its Thai and French siblings!

In fact the Dutch site is currently very small compared to the other Lingopolo sites. Here is a list of how many recordings each site has (the numbers are accurate at the moment of writing and will likely have changed by the time you look):

  • Dutch recordings: 423
  • French recordings: 2501
  • Thai recordings: 3234

There are some other key differences with the Dutch site too.

Firstly, there are currently almost no sample phrases, in fact, only 4 at the time of writing. This will gradually change, as there are already a big pile of phrases waiting to be processed (recorded and the breakdown added).

Secondly, if you look carefully at the list of words, you will find that there are currently very few simple words. In fact, if you look at the list of words by frequency, words currently near the top of the list include modest; austere and the bone marrow! Compare this to the French list of words by frequency, where the most common word is, more sensibly a (masculine).

The reason behind all of this is that the Dutch version of Lingopolo is basically because I am learning Dutch, and I have currently added only the words which I want! Because my level of Dutch is pretty advanced, it means that I am adding the advanced words before the easy ones.

Anyway, the Dutch version could still, I hope, be of use to many people learning Dutch (especially if you are a more advanced student), so I have decided I may as well release it for general use.

Happy Dutch learning!