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Examples of a particular word in use lessons

Submitted by Hugh on 26 July 2014

I am very pleased to announce a completely new type of lesson: examples of a particular word in use.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand this lesson is to look at a few examples:

In the first of these lessons you will be able to practise just those examples which use the word "What?":

Examples of "what?" in use

When there is a particular word that you want to practise, or a particular word that you are having difficulty with then this is a great tool.

Note that a word has to have at least 5 example sentences before it is eligible for such a lesson, so these lessons are not available for every word.

The links to such lessons are found in the lessons links at the bottom of the page for each example sentence. For example, for the sentence "I am going to buy chicken and pork", you will find at the bottom of the page links to the Word Examples lessons for the words used in the sentence:

Word Examples links

There is one thing I need to add still: currently on the page of the actual word there is no link to the lesson for that word.  For example, on the page for "chicken" there is not a link to the Examples of "chicken" in use lesson! So, for the time being you have to go into one of the example sentences for the word, e.g. into I like chicken, vegetables and fruit. (male polite form) and the link will be there at the bottom of the page. I hope to fix this little anomaly soon, but you can already start to make use of these new lessons.

Happy studying!