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Submitted by Hugh on 9 March 2015

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new type of lesson called the "in context" lesson. Basically the "In context" lesson will teach you:

  • the single word (e.g. "dog")
  • all of the examples which use that word (e.g. "the dog and the elephant")
  • all of the vocabulary you need to understand the example sentences (e.g. "and", "elephant")

This is wonderful, because it enables you to effectively practise a single word.

Previously Lingopolo had the "Examples of X in use" lessons (e.g. Examples of "dog" in use). This was great to practise examples of complete sentences using a particular word. However, the problem was that many of the sentences might well have other vocabulary which you didn't know. With the "in context" lessons, this problem is solved.


X in context = Examples of X in use + vocabulary used in the "Examples of X in use" sentences


Have a look at the page for "dog" and you will find there are currently 23 examples of the Thai word for "dog" being used.

At the bottom of the page you will find there are the lessons:

Now, let's have a look at the words which form part of each of these lessons:

The other great thing about these lessons is that, like all lessons on Lingopolo, it will teach you the words based on their frequency, and based on your current knowledge of each and any of the words and phrases.

I definitely recommend you try them out. Here are some to get you started: