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The new “Learn” button for words

Submitted by Hugh on 14 March 2015

I'm extremely pleased to announce the launch of the "Learn" button. This is a wonderful addition (I think), which allows you to go directly into the in context lesson to learn a particular word. If you don't know what an in context lesson is, then have a look at my recent blog post about the new in context lessons.

Learn button on "bread" page

For example, the above "Learn" button will start you immediately on the "bread in context" lesson.

Not only though does the "Learn" button appear on pages for individual words, but it also appears anywhere that the literal breakdown is shown. In the example below, you will see that in the middle of a quiz, when the breakdown for the phrase "You have a goldfish memory" is shown, the "Learn" button appears next to each of the words for which a "word in context" lesson exists. This means that, even in the middle of a quiz, if you see a word which you really need to practise, you can jump straight in and start practising that word. All of your progress from questions already answered is automatically kept.

Learn "You have a goldfish memory" words

I'm the biggest user of Lingopolo for my own Thai language study, and I have already found this to be a highly useful way to really practise those words which I keep forgetting. Words like "memory; ability to remember", ahem. 

So, give it a go; I'm confident you will love it.