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"No, I haven’t eaten anything yet." in Thai



Literal Breakdown


The Thai translation for “No, I haven’t eaten anything yet.” is ไม่ดิฉันยังไม่ได้ทานอะไรมาเลยค่ะ. The Thai, ไม่ดิฉันยังไม่ได้ทานอะไรมาเลยค่ะ, can be broken down into 10 parts:"no; not" (ไม่), "I (female speaker, formal)" (ดิฉัน), "still" (ยัง), "no; not" (ไม่), "to get; to receive" (ได้), "to eat (formal short form)" (ทาน), "whatever" (อะไร), "coming (towards the present or the time in focus)" (มา), "really; completely" (เลย) and "polite particle for female speakers" (ค่ะ).

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