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Quiz type selection is now remembered

Submitted by Hugh on 23 February 2018

I'm pleased to announce that the Lesson Quiz type which you select will now be remembered and used until you change it again.

The quiz type is set in the Lesson Quiz tab. What this means is that if, for example, you select to do the Reading quizzes, all the quizzes will be Reading quizzes until you select something else.

Previously, it was actually a conscious decision to reset the quiz type to "Automatic" each time. The logic was that the "Automatic" setting was the best for most cases. Now, however, I am personally using Lingopolo to learn to read Thai. I saw how annoying it was that the value was reset after each quiz. So now it will remember whatever setting you have it on.

The advantage is that you can now choose what way to study. You can have it always give you the easiest quizzes (the multi-choice), the best for listening practice (translating to English), the hardest (from English), or even to focus on reading or writing.

Lesson Quiz tab