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"Learn" button now available for phrases and dialogues!

Submitted by Hugh on 6 May 2015

I am extremely pleased to announce that the "Learn" button is now available for phrases and dialogues!

"A bamboo raft is very strong" showing the Learn button

A few weeks ago I announced that the Learn button for individual words was now available everywhere. Well, now, the learn button is also available for phrases, and also available for dialogues.

What this means is that if you see a phrase which has the Learn button, then when you click that, Lingopolo will teach you every word in that phrase, as well as the phrase itself. For example, let's take a look at the lesson for "A bamboo raft is very strong". You will see that this has the phrase itself (A bamboo raft is very strong), plus all the words which make up that phrase (raft, bamboo tree; bamboo wood, strong, very; more). Indeed, you will see that when a word also has it's own breakdown into other words (such as bamboo tree; bamboo wood being made up of wooden; of a tree or plant and bamboo (short form)), then these are automatically included in the list of words in the lesson. This is a wonderful way to help learn a single tricky sentence or phrase.

For dialogues it is the same idea, but this time you have all the words and all the phrases which make up the dialogue. For example, the Housework dialogue has a corresponding lesson which contains all the words and phrases of this dialogue.

Note that the words and phrases in the dialogue are taught based upon the frequency order of the words, so Lingopolo will insist you learn the more common words and phrases first.

One of the best ways to select a dialogue that you would like to learn is from the Dictionary of Dialgoues. For example, below you see the Dictionary of Dialogues page H

Dictionary of dialogues showing the Learn button

I'm delighted with this new feature, which has been on my mind since the beginning of Lingopolo, and finally I'm able to bring it to you. Give it a try and happy Thai learning!