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Can you help us bring the world free Dutch lessons? No Dutch knowledge required!

Submitted by Hugh on 22 September 2017

You may know that Lingopolo offers Dutch lessons which are 100% free and that are free to share and build upon. We are currently looking for volunteers to help improve the Dutch content we offer.

We're already pretty well covered for Thai (with currently over 6000 entries) and French (with currently over 8000 entries), although we would love you to volunteer to help on either of those languages.

What I'd currently like to do though, is improve a lot the quantity (and hence the quality) of the Dutch content (which currently has a relatively small 1350 entries, and even that is mostly pretty advanced and obscure words, since the Dutch words were originally mostly for me).

We've currently got over a thousand files (1039 to be exact) which we'd like to process, all from http://shtooka.net/

The processing job is actually relatively simple. The following are the steps which need to be done for each file. If you volunteer, you can choose to do any one or more of the steps. For each step I can provide hopefully clear instructions:

  1. removal of the background noise from the file
  2. chopping the word/phrase to the shortest length possible
  3. amplifying the word/phrase to the standard volume used by all Lingopolo recordings
  4. creating a new page on Lingopolo with the correct English and Dutch text
  5. uploading the sound file to the new page
  6. adding the copyright reference information
  7. adding the lesson tags (e.g. word/phrase, animal/vegetable)
  8. publishing the finished entry

This will also be an interesting test for the whole Lingopolo idea of having people volunteer to help add content. 

Would you like to help with this? No Dutch knowledge required! If so, please contact me at http://lingopolo.org/contact

Below is a screenshot of some of the content to process.