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"May I see this one, please. (male polite form)" in Thai



Literal Breakdown


The Thai translation for “May I see this one, please. (male polite form)” is ขอผมดูใบนี้หน่อยได้ไหมครับ. The Thai, ขอผมดูใบนี้หน่อยได้ไหมครับ, can be broken down into 9 parts:"to ask for; may" (ขอ), "I (male speaker)" (ผม), "to look; to watch" (ดู), "classifier for flat objects, glass, bag, egg, saucepan and pan" (ใบ), "this; these" (นี้), "a bit; somewhat (word used to soften the meaning of a sentence)" (หน่อย), "can; to be able to" (ได้), "question particle" (ไหม) and "polite particle for male speakers" (ครับ).

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