Understand spoken Pandunia

"Restaurant dialogue" in Pandunia

restaurante su du loga


Literal Breakdown


The Pandunia translation for “Restaurant dialogue” is restaurante su du loga. The Pandunia, restaurante su du loga, can be broken down into 8 parts:"How is everything?" (sual pan she bon?), "It’s great. We’d like to order dessert now." (ye poli bon. mimon vol zai ching pos yam.), "Okay. What will you have?" (oke. tumon vol yam ke she?), "I want a chocolate cake, and they’ll share an ice cream bowl." (mi vol un choklate keke, e yemon komun un ais krem basen.), "Got it. Anything else?" (mi aha. eni alo she?), "No, thank you. Can we get the check, please?" (no, shukur. ching don mimon la fatura.), "No problem. I’ll be right back with that." (siro problem. mi sun retro lai va go she.) and "Thank you." (shukur.).

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