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What is a lesson?

Submitted by admin on 19 November 2012

A lesson is a collection of words or phrases which you can practise using quizzes.

A lesson can be on subjects from food to Thai consonants.

A lesson can have just a few words, such as the days of the week or have absolutely hundreds of words like the vocabulary lesson.

A lesson can be on a particular theme, such as the colours or parts of the body; for a complete list of themed lessons, see the Themed lessons page.

A lesson can be grouped by part-of-speech, so for example there is a lesson on nouns and a lesson on verbs.  This can be useful if, say, you feel you you are lacking a particular type of word.

The full range of these lessons can be found on the lessons page.

In addition to the lessons described above, we also have some special lessons.  The most important of these is the words lesson; this is the perfect lesson for revision of all the words on this site.  It is the ultimate practise tool for all of the words.  It will very quickly hone in on those words which you find difficult and keep getting wrong, and will keep asking you until you are fluent!

Finally, there is the phrases lesson; this is not something for the beginner, since it puts together the words from each of the other lessons.  We therefore recommend you study the words lessons first, and that you first study the phrases in the context of one of the traditional lessons above.  However, when you’re ready, this is an excellent lesson to really challenge and stretch your Thai.

The main tab in every lesson is the Lesson Summary tab. Here you can find a summary of the lesson contents and your current progress:

Animals 1 Example lesson

Every lesson has a Lesson Quiz tab, which enables you to choose the type of quiz you want to do:

Lesson Quiz tab

In every lesson, you can check on the Lesson Content tab exactly what words and phrases the lesson contains:

Lesson Content tab

In the Lesson Progress tab, you can see exactly how far each word or phrase has progressed in being mastered:

Lesson Progress tab

Finally on the lesson Mastery tab, you get a clear overview of how you are doing in mastering each of the words and phrases in this lesson:

Lesson Mastery tab

Every lesson has exactly the same structure, so you should soon feel comfortable finding your way around a lesson.