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Simplified end of quiz

Submitted by Hugh on 10 September 2014

I have hugely simplified the display of the results at the end of taking a quiz. Here is the new look:

Animals quiz results new

And here is how it used to look:

Animals quiz results original

You will see that I have got rid of a whole mass of detailed information. The only thing I now display is the information about which questions were answered correctly and which not. All the rest of the detail, about the number of words in the lesson, a sample of some of the words and so forth has been removed. All of this other information is still available in the "Lesson Summary" tab for the lesson, but it has no need to be displayed at the end of every quiz.

I found myself glazing over at so much information at the end of each quiz, much of it not at all relevant at that moment, so I think its much better not to display it.