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The male kite is a very specific type of kite, which is usually over 2 metres (6 feet) high, and has a shape like a 5-point rocket: a point at the top, a pointed fin at each side, and two points at the bottom.  It is used for fighting between kites, traditionally against what is known as the female kite.

Every kite-flying competition is a battle of the sexes between the male Chula and the female Pakpao. The former is dominant and aggressive, the latter is flighty and clever. He sets out to capture her; she, though smaller, has many tricks and can ensnare her man with cunning. The outcome of the competition, as in real life, is no foregone conclusion.



The Thai translation for “kite (male)” is จุฬา. The Thai, จุฬา, can be broken down into 4 parts:"The 8th consonant of the Thai alphabet" (), "vowel u" (อุ), "The 42nd consonant of the Thai alphabet" () and "vowel a (long version)" (-า).

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