Understand spoken French


Lesson Name Words & Phrases Quiz Learn
"What is it? It’s a pen." Practice
"Would you like to take part in a survey? (dialogue)" Practice
"My ankle is broken, it’s very painful." Practice
"For me the weekend is music (dialogue)" Practice
"Complete rest (dialogue)" Practice
"My weekend is for sport. After a week sitting down in the classroom, I love to spend hours doing exercise. On Saturday morning I go to the swimming pool with my brother and, in the afternoon, we play football with friends in the park." Practice
"And you? Where are you from? (informal)" Practice
"And you? Where are you from?" Practice
"Paris is in the north. Marseille is in the south." Practice
"Can I invite you to a restaurant? Sorry, I have an appointment." Practice
"On the street (dialogue)" Practice
"My village and region (dialogue)" Practice
"You have children to entertain? No problem. Here, there are numerous leisures for young people: tennis, mini-golf, horse riding, and multiple sporting activities." Practice
"You don’t look well. You should go to the doctor." Practice
"The connection is not working. We should call the IT expert." Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 4)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 3)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 2)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 1)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue)" Practice